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Cosette's Vineyard

Faloon VineyardsCosette’s Block  (~1 Acre) - The smallest of the blocks at Anomaly Vineyards is also the oldest.  Planted in 1995, Cossette’s Blocks are what started the Anomaly Project.  This section is comprised of two blocks, one small and one minuscule.  These are the blocks closest to the winery if you have had a chance to visit us.  Both blocks are Cabernet Sauvignon Clone 7 grafted onto 110R Rootstock.  The vines are trained in a quadrilateral system and provide only a few barrels of wine each year.  The resulting wine is elegant  and exhibits some of the spice that you can taste in Anomaly.

Quick Facts:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon Clone 7 on 110R 0.63 Acres
  • Cabernet Sauvignon Clone 7 on 110R 0.1 Acre
  • Planted 1995
  • Pruning: Quadrilateral Spur
  • NW x SE