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About Our Winery

Our WineryThe stone winery at Anomaly is representative of the cooperation amongst wineries in the Napa Valley. As newcomers to the wine community, we retained Jon Lail and Associates of St Helena to design our winery and were fortunate to pursuade Bob Eberlin of Eberlin Construction to undertake the task of building our little gem. However, before anyone could start building, we had to determine just what kind of facility we wanted. Based on our centuries of experience (actually we started in 1997 so technically we started in the 20th century and we are now in the 21st), we realized that we didn’t have a clue as to how to build or outfit a winery.

So we embarked on a journey of asking 30 small wineries in the Valley to advise us on what elements to include if we were to achieve our goal of producing a cabernet that we liked to drink and one that complemented fine food.

To our surprise, not one of the wineries refused to help. They told us what worked and what didn’t. They shared their secrets, and more importantly, opened their doors in the true spirit of the Napa Valley welcoming us, not as competitors, but as family.

By Harvest of 2002, our beautiful stone winery was open, replete with the best ideas from the best minds in the wine community.

We love our little winery and believe that it gives us the opportunity to make a wine that is the finest possible expression of our organic vineyard.