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The Anomaly Team
Steve & Linda GoldfarbSteve & Linda Goldfarb | Accidental Vinters
The year was 1997, and Steve & Linda were happily commuting to San Franciso every day to work at Steve’s law firm. As beautiful as the scenery was crossing the Bay Bridge, when the 20 minute commute from their home in Berkeley became ... Learn More
Mark PorembskiMark Porembski | Winemaker
Mark Porembski joined Anomaly in 2002 as Assistant Winemaker, and in 2005, Mark took over the reins as the Winemaker for Anomaly Vineyards. Prior to coming to Anomaly, Mark was the Assistant Winemaker to Les Behrens ... Learn More
Seth GoldfarbSeth Goldfarb | General Manager
Seth Goldfarb joined the Anomaly team in September of 2007, intending to claim what he believed was his birthright.  Instead, he was put to work scrubbing tanks, rinsing bins, and mixing yeast.  Raised on the mean streets ... Learn More
Doug WightDoug Wight | Vineyard Manager
Wight brings to Anomaly grape-farming expertise dating back to the 1800s. Doug’s great-great grandfather, John Lewelling, was a pioneer winegrower and horticulturist. Doug, along with his family, own and operate ... Learn More
Erik DoddErik Dodd began working seasonally for Wight Vineyard Management in 2001, and in 2004 he returned to help Doug Wight full time. His job includes viticultural operations for the north end of the valley, including Anomaly Vineyards ... Learn More
Genevieve BechtoldGenvieve Bechtold | Director of Hospitality and National Sales
Genevieve spent her youth growing up in the food & wine gilded West Sonoma County. Pursuing higher education, she moved to San Francisco and completed her B.S. in Hospitality Business Management at S.F. State University. Learn More